Does The Disney Fox Deal Include A Stake In Boom! Studios?

Back in June 2017, 21st Century Fox brought a minority stake of comic book company, Boom! Studios for $10 million.  As part of the Fox buyout by Disney, that stake of the Boom! Studios might transfer over to Disney when the deal is done.

Boom! Studios have a wide selection of different titles, including comic book versions of many Fox brands like Planet of the Apes and they’ve even worked on Disney franchises like Cars and Finding Nemo books.  They also create new original comic books such as Lumberjanes, Nimona, Mouse Guard, and Goldie Vance.  Boom! also work with other brands like the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Rugrats and the WWE.

“While we don’t have any information beyond what has already been reported in the press, we are excited for the new opportunities that this partnership provides for our friends at Fox.  Both Fox and Disney are world class organizations with exceptional teams, so we look forward to their shared success in the future” said BOOM!’s VP of Marketing Arune Singh to Newsarama.

Singh said that there have been no changes to BOOM!’s day-to-day operations as they are still an independent company.  And it’s still unclear if Disney would want to retain their stake of the company or even want to invest more in the studio, but this does also give Disney access to more original content if they decide to keep their stake if it is included in the deal.



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