Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Released Out Now On ITunes ( With Some Extra Goodies)

For those who have missed the release of Olaf’s Frozen Adventure in theatres or on its airing on the ABC network last week, the featurette has been released in HD and SD on Apple’s ITunes service in America and Canada today.

Its not just Olaf in this release, you also get the inclusion of 6 bonus digitally remastered animated shorts from the Disney library, these include 1937’s Polar Trappers featuring Donald and Goofy, 1930’s Winter , 1939’s The Hockey Champ featuring Donald Duck and his nephews, 1941’s The Art of Skiing featuring Goofy, the Once Upon A Wintertime segment from 1948’s Melody Time and finally 1952’s Pluto’s Christmas Tree.

The bundle costs $12.99 and can be yours for repeated viewings or as part of a new Christmas tradition with your Disney loving families.

It has also been released digitally on iTunes & Amazon and on DVD at Tesco’s in the UK, but doesn’t include the extras in the US edition.

Will you be getting this release ?



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