The Mighty Thor #702 Review

With Lady Thor failing to look after the health of her human form, Jane Foster, by missing cancer treatments, because she is off defending the realms from evil, the original Thor, Odinson becomes worried and persuades her to return to Asgard.

One of most interesting aspects to this story is the difference between Lady Thor and Jane Foster, one is a all-powerful god who can arm wrestle Hercules and the other is a withered and seriously ill human.

The artwork is very impressive, especially how they portray Jane Foster, and the art style works well with these characters and locations, as they are bright and colourful, with a level of detail that really shows off facial expressions, which is a key to this story.

There is also the subplot being built upon with the impending danger of¬†Mangog and seeing how the Asgardians don’t trust Lady Thor’s judgment and seeing her argue with an impressive Odin is a highlight.

I’m really glad Odinson is featured so heavily as I think it’s important that the original Thor is part of this story for many reasons, his relationship with Jane, what might happen if Jane loses her battle with cancer and also it shows his growth as a hero following his loss of his hammer.

OVERALL: Mighty Thor #702 is all about setting up the story and while it doesn’t feature too much action, the internal conflict and impending death is a interesting aspect that make me come back to find out more.



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