Season’s Speedings From Cars Land: Holiday Songs: Album Review

Disney’s latest digital album brings some of the holiday songs from the “Seasons Speedings” offerings at Cars Land in Disney California Adventure in Disneyland. This album features 11 tracks, 6 from Mater aka Larry The Cable Guy & 5 from Luigi aka Tony Shalhoub.

Featuring many classic holiday songs with lots of tweaks to fit the Cars universe, with some vehicle puns and references changed to fit.  Some work out better than others, but generally they fit the theme well.

This album feels like two mini collections, Luigi’s half is a little more tradition due to the “Italian” element and are a fun take on some classics, but aren’t anything groundbreaking.

For me, I preferred the songs from Mater, they have a Country feel to them and even a little  1950’s rock and roll aspect to them that I love.  These tracks feel much more polished and also help represent the attractions in Cars Land. For fans of Cars Land during the holidays, having these songs available to download is a bonus, especially as Disney don’t release every track played at the theme parks.

One of the interesting songs from this album is Tractors, Tractors, Tractors, which is a “Cars” take on the Jewish song “I have a little Drediel”.  It’s great to see Disney acknowledging other religions and including them in their holiday albums.

Season’s Speedings From Cars Land is available to purchase from online platforms like iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and on streaming platforms like Spotify.

OVERALL:  “Seasons Speeding” is a nice collection of holiday themed tracks that fans of Cars will love and for people wanting to have a little memory of visiting Cars Land during Christmas.  These tracks will make a good addition to any Disney Christmas themed playlists, though repeated listening might make the Magic wear off.



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