Disney D-Select DS-009 Cars 3 PX Previews Exclusive Statue Coming Soon

Beast Kingdom have announced a new Cars 3 Disney D-Select DS-009 PX Previews Exclusive Statue, featuring Lightning McQueen and Mater, which is priced at $29.95 and will be released in May.

Here are the details:

Though more than a decade has gone by, Lightning McQueen still remains as one of the most beloved racing heroes among the hearts of children around the world.

Beast Kingdom has created a diorama by featuring the handsome McQueen and jokester Mater, with meticulous attention to details such as character sculpt and backdrop design complete with color schemes that are identical to their original images.

From the layers of color in the landscape down to the lines of wear and tear on Mater, all details have been painstakingly recreated in an effort to present the authentic image and style of the motion picture to you, so that you can better appreciate the charm of Cars!

Here is a look at this Cars Diorama:

What do you think of this Cars Diorama?


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