Duck Tales #4 Review

The tales of the past exploits of Della, Scrooge and Donald may be over for now but starting with this issue, we will be tackling present day adventures as Scrooge ventures onto new expeditions with his great nephews Huey,Dewey and Louie along with house guest Webby Vanderquack and bumbling pilot Launchpad McQuack. As usual, these issues contain two stories.

The first story of the issue is entitled Happy, Happy Valley (W: Joey Cavaieri A: Luca Usai), Scrooge and the gang embark on a journey for yet another treasure early in the morning much to the discomfort of the nephews. Along the way, the systems of the plane shut down as they are forced to crash down on an uncharted island. The locals soon inform Scrooge that the island is called Happy Valley and try to pleasure them however they can by carrying them around, making sure they don’t get hurt.

After a large meal, the gang decide they had enough and try to sneak out of the island much to the chagrin of some sharks near their downed airplane. They soon decide to build a way to escape under the noses of the locals pretending to be into their activities.

In the second story entitled FIGHT ! ( W: Joe Caramagna A:Gianfranco Florio), the Nephews are raising money to go to the Woodchuck camping trip and have resorted to selling all of Scrooge’s old junk, Dewey, rummaging through the items soon finds an ancient Japanese samurai helmet inside of a bucket.

The boys soon start to argue over whether to keep it or to sell it for a high profit as the mask soon rises in the air and places itself onto Dewey’s head unleashing its ancient spell. The helmet came from a samurai in ancient times that fought endlessly with his brother and that feud would be reborn again within the triplets if the helmet is not stopped. How will the boys get out of this one ? Buy the issue to find out



While the formula of the Duck Tales formula might be switching from covering past adventures of Della, Scrooge and Donald, the comic still thrives upon being the companion book for the Disney XD series filling the void left by the hiatus of the series that fans can enjoy time and time again until the return of the Duck Tales episodes.

The art captures the essence of the television series perfectly thanks to the Italian Disney artists involved in its creation. Look forward to the trade paperback of the first issues of Disney Duck Tales also hitting stores later this month.

RATING : 8 out of 10 


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