Star Wars: The Last Jedi – The Storms Of Crait #1 Review

Hot off the heels of Star Wars: The Last Jedi hitting cinemas, Marvel have released a special issue called The Storms Of Crait, which tells an original story of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Han Solo heading to the planet Crait to see if it’ll make a viable Rebel base.

With this story taking place after the events of “A New Hope”, so while it helps explain a little more about the planet Crait, there isn’t much more connection than that.

There is a new Villain added to the story and with some great action scenes with a lightsaber battle with a Stormtrooper and a couple of vehicle battles, including the new V-4X-D skis.

It is interesting to see Marvel taking opportunities to bring the classic characters to locations from the newer movies like “The Last Jedi” and “Rogue One”.  It helps fill out the universe, though I do hope the new movies eventually return to previous planets rather than creating new ones.

The artwork for this comic is fantastic, it’s got lots of fine detail and this also applies to the main characters who look very similar to their on-screen versions.  Though Luke Skywalker doesn’t exactly look like Mark Hamill and I had no clue who Wedge was until they name dropped him.

OVERALL: The Storms Of Crait is a nice little one shot for fans wanting to know a little more about Crait, but it doesn’t give anything away that most people wouldn’t have worked out from watching “The Last Jedi”.  With a photorealistic realistic style and featuring all the major characters plus great action, it’s a easy recommendation for Star Wars fans.

REVIEW SCORE: 8 out of 10

Here is a look at this comic:


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  • I’m not going to write a full review on this one, but I’m sorry I paid money for it. We learned nothing useful, SCAR Squad was completely wasted and it just felt like a waste of paper. I’m hoping the DJ one-shot is better.

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