Review: Disney Treasures’ Snowflake Mountain Subscription Box

To be fair, I have been putting this review off because… let’s be honest, the December 2017 Disney Treasures box, themed Snowflake Mountain, is pretty trashy. This is probably the worst Disney Treasures subscription box to date, and let’s not forget that I was not necessarily a fan of October’s box, themed Haunted Forest. Well, at least Haunted Forest contained a decent selection of Funko collectibles, and not filled with items that I thought the Disney Treasures line would stray away from. Heck, one item doesn’t even sport a Funko design! Let’s check out what a few of us have nicknamed “Crapflake Mountain”.

First up is the patch and the pin. The patch is that of Scrooge McDuck, presumably from the animated Christmas short Mickey’s Christmas Carol, where he plays the title role of Ebeneezer Scrooge. While the character is popular for the holidays especially in association with that cartoon, I am not sure he is “Snowflake Mountain” material. I understand the wanting for a holidays vibe, but if you were to go that route, maybe Prep & Landing or another actual character derived from Christmas.

With the pin we have Olaf. This choice makes sense… but hasn’t Olaf been overused? I personally think so. Oh, but wait… we aren’t done with Olaf yet!

Now what else do we get?

An Olaf… Pop! Cookie Cutter? Okay… a little bit of a reach for Funko, but they are expanding into new home products all the time. Also, this ties into the recently released Olaf’s Frozen Adventure animated short. I won’t lie that I do like this item, and I will eventually use it when I make cut cookies again.

Then we get a pair of socks… featuring Christmastown from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I get it, the movie spans two holidays and can be featured in each. However, back in the Haunted Forest box in October, all we got themed to this movie was a Trick or Treat bag featuring Zero, which was very weak. Not sure these socks make up for that.

Up next…. is a thermos? And there is no Funko design on it, but rather a classic Mickey and Minnie design. It’s a cute little thermos… but really Funko? Weak.

Of course, each Disney Treasures box contains a Pop! Vinyl. In this month we get… Bambi on ice. Cute? A bit. Something that most of us subscribers needed, let alone asked for? No. To be fair, this was the item that was shown prior to the subscription window closing, so anyone who signed up for this month as a new subscriber probably knew what they were getting into. Anyone who was a current subscriber didn’t have that option, unless they wanted to cancel out completely.

And finally, the Mini inside the series tin… this is also something that is in each month. This month we have “Winter” Belle inside a tin showcasing Beast’s Castle during the winter. Let’s get a closer look, and then I will share my thoughts on it.

Okay… I do like this Mini. It is probably the best part of the box… but that’s not saying much. However, my biggest issue with this item, and actually the box as a whole is… WHERE is the Disney Theme Parks connection to this box? When Disney Treasures was initially announced, we were told that each month would have a connection to the Disney Theme Parks. The first four months had at least one item either closely or directly connected to the parks. Unfortunately, Snowflake Mountain has nothing, in my opinion, related to the parks.

Overall, not a great showing for Funko in this month’s Disney Treasures Snowflake Mountain. This might be the first month that not everything is kept by myself in my collection.

Next month is the final month in the first year of the Disney Treasures subscription. Themed Ever After Castle, the hint points to a pair of Pop! Vinyls in wedding attire. My thought is that it is Ariel in her wedding dress with Prince Eric in his formal attire. Hopefully that month is better and Funko finishes off the first year with a kick-ass box.

Did you get the Snowflake Mountain subscription box?  Do you think I was a little too harsh on it? I would love to hear your thoughts below. 


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