Disney Princess Magical Movers First Look (Hasbro)

This past week, our friends over at Hasbro released a new line of products in the Disney Princess little Kingdom brand. Called Magical Movers, these toys feature princesses who “power up” on a base and twirl, or “dance”, around.


Today, I take a closer look at three of the releases: the single pack Rapunzel, the Pony Ride Stable play set featuring Cinderella, and the Dance ‘n Twirl Ballroom featuring Belle. Special thanks to Hasbro for sending these samples over for me to review.

So, before we take a look at these Disney Princesses, some of you might be wondering how they twirl and dance. The bottom of each princess is basically a spinning top, similar to the current Beyblades collectible… or regular spinning top toys from when my generation was growing up (though I remember Orko from the original He-Man animated series as being a spinning top).

The first item I want to take a look at is Rapunzel, from what I would call the intro collection, which is just a Disney Princess and a themed charging station.

Rapunzel is dressed in a purple and pink dress. Her solid yellow colored base is adorned with painting supplies and her hair. A frying pan showcasing the Corona Sun emblem is the pull string attachment.

It’s a little difficult to get decent photos of her twirling and dancing… but I managed to get one.

This is a cute little introductory set if you want to see if your kid(s) will like the concept enough to get into the bigger sets.


Next up is one of the smaller play sets, featuring Cinderella and her pony.

For this set, the base is not only the charging station for Cinderella, it is also a stable and a place to display the pony, which comes with a bunch of carrots to eat and a hairbrush to get brushed by Cinderella. Cinderella is dressed and a nice pink and light blue ballgown.

Now, the fun thing about this one is that, once you charge the Princess, you can place her on top of the pony and it will move across the surface.

It’s a cute concept, and I think a lot of young girls especially will find it entertaining that the princesses can power the pony.


Last up in this review is Belle with her ballroom from Beauty and the Beast.

In addition to Belle, the play set showcases some of the Enchanted Objects from the movie, including Mrs. Potts, Chip, Lumiere, Cogsworth, Babette, and the Wardrobe. Additionally, there is a movie inspired stained glass window overlooking the ballroom, and on the backside you can see the Enchanted Rose, safe inside the West Wing.


Belle’s charging station is right in front of the Wardrobe, where she can then ascend down into the ballroom. Belle is dressed in her iconic yellow gown from the ballroom scene from the movie.

I tried to get the Princesses to dance together in the ballroom. I did not succeed, but rather things resembled a death match inside a ring, until someone was ejected off the side. However, because of the special mounts built into the display, all three of the princesses could enjoy the ball, even if they are not dancing.

Overall, these are cute little additions to the Disney Princess little Kingdom collection by Hasbro. With different price-points on the items, Hasbro can hook kids in with the lower price-points and then go from there with the bigger play sets. I personally see the value in having these different tiers, and think children who are fascinated by the Disney Princesses will love adding these to their collection.

These Magic Movers items, as well as others, are currently available nationwide.

Special thanks again to Hasbro for sending these over to review.



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