Star Wars Adventures: Forces of Destiny | Leia Review

IDW Publishing’s Star Wars Adventures: Forces of Destiny Leia, tells the story of Princess Leia on the ice planet Hoth, where she is struggling to learn how to ride Tauntaun, battling a Wampa and generally showing a much lighter to Star Wars.

And that’s the main point of this series, as a tie-in to the animated shorts and toy lines, this series is aimed at a younger audience, is focused on strong female role models and that’s why IDW are doing it, rather than the much older and darker series being run by Marvel.

The artistic style is very simplistic but it’s very bright, colourful and clean (this works well to represent Ice and Snow).  Facial expressions are very easy to read and generally the characters have a unique style, which compared to the photo realistic style being used in the main Marvel series is actually refreshing.  It’s great to see a different take on the much more serious side of Star Wars.

We have other characters involved in this series, like Han Solo, Hera and Darth Vader, it’s much more focused on Leia.  But it also makes her come across less of a capable future General, and more of a teenager, but again that fits in with the tagged audience.

OVERALL: Star Wars Adventures: Forces of Destiny Leia is a refreshing take on a Star Wars title, it’s aimed at a much younger audience and the artistic style represents that.  It’s a fun read and while I would suggest older readers to check out the main Marvel line, this is perfect for those fans who want something more light and fun.

REVIEW SCORE:  7 out of 10

Here is a look at this issue:


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