Disney Manga: Fairies – The Petite Fairy’s Diary Review

Disney Manga: Fairies – The Petite Fairy’s Diary is a collection of a few different stories featuring Petite and her friends, as they prepare to become a Major Fairy at the 777th Moon Ceremony.

With over 170 pages, this book contains a four different stories, all of which make up a larger story arc.   One of the major aspects to the story is that Petite must find her hidden talent, which sees her save the town from a flood, protect a cat from the fairies and also have time for some romance.

Some of these stories work better than others, especially how her friends just pop up at the end and all support her, yet haven’t been seen, which seemed a little over the top.  But one of the main characteristics of Petite is that she never gives up and wants nothing more than to please everyone.

Fans of Tinker Bell will be disappointed at the lack of the character in this graphic novel, as she turns up just as Petite is at her lowest to give her a boost.  However it’s good to see Petite pushed as a major character.

One of the major issues I have with some of the TokyoPop releases is that they are in black and white, it loses so much impact as the cover art is so bright and colourful, but the book doesn’t deliver that.  I do like the artist style, it’s very unique when it’s compared to other comic books from Disney at the moment.

OVERALL: Disney Manga: Fairies – The Petite Fairy’s Diary is a interesting way of presenting Manga to a younger generation, with its black and white pages, plus reading it backwards (since it’s originally from Japan), it does show a very different way of reading comics.  It’s got a few good stories, with an overlapping arc but it’s also a little predictable  but will work fine for its target audience, which I’m not.

REVIEW SCORE: 6 out of 10

This book is available now from ShopDisney.com.

Here is a look at this graphic novel


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