Phoenix Resurrection: The Return Of Jean Grey #3 Review

The third issue of the Phoenix Resurrection mini series is where all the pieces from the last two issues start coming together, while still leaving readers wanting more, leaving us on a great cliffhanger!

There are two different plots going on at the same time, neither of them are moving quickly and that’s a drawback to this issue, as with anything in a middle act, it might bring more depth once the story is complete, but right now, it just leaves us in the same place we were in the last issue.

The inner conflict within Jean Grey as the Dark Phoenix comes back is one of the major factors of the story and the writers do a great job in showing how Jean is slowly losing control.

Once again, the X-Men are just running around the globe trying to work out where Jean Grey and the Dark Phoenix are, which hopefully ends with this issue.  It’s also good to see the X-Men finally rejoin together in one location after weeks of them apart in small groups.

While I think they could have possibly squeezed this issues major points into the last two issues to reduce it to a 4 part series, I do think having a little more time to give to the development of Jean Grey’s inner turmoil is worthwhile, leading to the big reveal, plus an interesting appearance also was a fun moment.

OVERALL: This is one of those issues where the story barely moves forward, its interesting to see all the pieces slide together but on its own merits, very little really happens.  Once again the art style is great and one of the best things about this series.

REVIEW SCORE:  7 out of 10

Here is a look at this issue:


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