Disney CEO Bob Iger’s Pay Dropped 17% to $36.3 Million Last Year

Disney have released a disclosure during its company’s proxy statement on Friday that Disney CEO Bob Iger has been paid $36.3 million in compensation during the fiscal year that ended on September 30th, which is down 17% from the previous fiscal year.

He received  a $15.2 million cash bonus tied to results, including segment operating income and return on invested capital.  His base salary remained at $2.5 million, as did stock awards at about $9 million.  While his non-equity incentive compensation fell to $15.2 million from $20 million.

Other high members of the company also saw drops in their pay, with CFO Christine McCarthy’s total compensation fell to $8.95 million from $10.2 million, according to the statement, and Chief Strategy Officer Kevin Mayer’s total pay declined to $8.4 million from $10.1 million. General Counsel Alan Braverman’s total compensation slid to $8.45 million from $11.12 million.  Chief Human Resources Officer M. Jayne Parker’s pay also fell to $5.09 million from $5.6 million.


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