Spider-Man Marvel Toy Box Action Figure Review

Disney’s latest Marvel Toybox action figure release is Spider-Man, which is based on the design from the Disney Infinity video game and was adjusted to tie in with the characters look from Spider-Man: Homecoming.

The figure comes with lots of moving parts, you can place this character in many different positions because you can rotate the ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, wrist and neck.  Which means the figure is much more fun to play with, since it’s not completely solid and allows freedom of expression.

This figure does come with a web accessory, which lets Spider-Man hang on to some webbing, which can be stuck to a window.  It’s pretty quick at recalling, almost too quick since the character just snaps up into the air, making it almost unusable.  Though I was able to have some fun with the action figure by placing my thumb over the end to keep the webbing out, resulting in some quality webslinging.

Check out this unboxing video below:

Here is a look at the packaging:

Here is a photo to compare the original Disney Infinity figure to the new Toybox action figure:

As you can see, when compared to the previous figure design for Disney Infinity, the color issue really becomes apparent, as its so much lighter than it should be.

You can also see where some changes have been made to make it look more like Spider-Man from the Homecoming movie, by adding black lines to the wrists, feet, shoulder and main body.  I think this is a smart idea, making him look as close as possible to the most modern version of the character.

OVERALL:  This action figure is an impressive addition to the Toybox line, its fun to play, has lots of movement options to give plenty of options, plus it has a cool design.  But the colors are way too dull, this figure should have been a very bright and colorful version of Spider-Man, but sadly for some reason, just felt a little off.  Which shouldn’t distract from a solid action figure.

REVIEW SCORE: 7 out of 10

This Spider-Man figure is available now at DisneyStore.co.uk and will be coming soon to ShopDisney.com.



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