Star Wars #42 Review

Part 5 of the Ashes Of Jedha sees the Leviathan heading to the remains of Jedha, to pick the carcass of the planet clean. With Han Solo taking the fight directly to the Empire, with a great scene with him and Chewbacca, which helps show how the character changes during this period, from a smuggler into a captain.

We also get to see Luke Skywalker struggling with the events of Rogue One and how he had never thought about what other people had done to get the plans of the Death Star and how he turned off the computer to assist him, trusting in himself and the Force. I really like this scene as it showed him being conflicted with the Force and questioning himself, which obviously aren’t really shown during the movies.

Princess Leia also gets some time to shine, as she realises she is more important for the Rebellion, instead of just running straight into trouble.

The whole story of sneaking onto a ship, disabling the shields to allow the Rebellion onboard to destroy the ship, does feel a little too similar to many other Star Wars stories, but this issue does seem to let the story move along, which has been missing from the last couple of issues.

Once again the artist style of this series can be both great and jarring at the same time, the backgrounds and attention to detail is there, but the photo realistic faces look off.

OVERALL: For Star Wars fans, this is business as usual, but there isn’t anything amazing or groundbreaking to make this issue feel anything but average.

REVIEW SCORE: 6 out of 10

Here is a look at this issue:


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