Hulk – Marvel Toybox Action Figure Review

Disney have recently reused some of their assets from the Disney Infinity video game to create a new range of action figures, based on popular Disney, Marvel and Star Wars franchises.

Here is our unboxing video of this Hulk figure:

Here is a look at the packaging:

Here is a look at this figure:

Here is an image to compare it to the Disney Infinity 2.0 figure:

OVERALL:  This Hulk action figure is fantastic, it is huge, it has so many points of articulation, that play is going to be very fun but also its got lots of flexibility for posing.

I did have a issue with the pipe accessory as I really struggled to put it into Hulk’s hand, but eventually I forced it.  When comparing this action figure to similar products in this price range, this Hulk figure offers some incredible value and a excellent fun figure.


You can purchase this action figure from & Disney Store UK


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