Avengers #677 Review

The “No Surrender” storyline continues, with the entire world being stolen and the major Avengers frozen in time, we are left with the remaining Avengers trying to work out whats going on, rescue their team mates and save the world.

One of the good points of this story is how they’ve taken then remaining Avengers and split into smaller teams to deal with issues in multiple locations. Since this helps keep the characters much more focused and gives a little more importance to all the members and space to grow.

I really liked how Quicksilver was a focus of the story, especially with his desire to be helpful and to prove he is a worthy Avenger, plus it helps develop the relationship with his sister, Scarlet Witch. However its a shame they drop him as a major character, ironically just as quickly as they brought him in. Quicksilver’s sub plot is also a nice distraction from the center plot, which also continues to expand, while still leaving lots of questions about whats going on and where the story could be going. Plus it moves forward the development of the main villains of this story, the Black Order and the Lethal Legion.

I’m really enjoying the weekly episodes of this series, it helps keep the story moving forward and its fresh in my memory each week, which can be an issue if your reading multiple comics a week and many of them are monthly.

Once again this series continues to offer excellent artwork, that offers some incredible artwork and it shows this is one of the top stories of the moment.

OVERALL: With this being still very early on within the “No Surrender” storyline, this issue starts to position the Avenger teams into the right positions to have some big battles in future issues, the use of Quicksilver to break up the flow really helps keep things interesting. I’ve been enjoying this series and now I’m left with more questions, that I can’t wait to find out more and with a weekly series, I don’t need to wait long.

REVIEW SCORE: 8 out of 10

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