Disney Infinity Peter Pan Figure Review

At the last Disney Infinity Toy Box Summit, the Toy Box artists got to pick what figure they would like to add to the game next. They picked Peter Pan, but when Disney Infinity was cancelled, it meant we would never get to see this figure released or added to the game. But recently some of the figures became available from a Chinese seller, where I was able to pick one up.

Here is my video review of this Peter Pan figure:

Here is a closer look at this Peter Pan figure:

OVERALL: This is a very odd purchase as its never officially been released and this figure is a little beat up, there is some damage to the ear and the base doesn’t have much detail on it, but I do love that I’ve added this to my collection, because of the history of it. While this figure doesn’t work in the game, its a great addition to my collection and while I wouldn’t recommend to everyone to pick one of these up at silly prices, its a fun bonus for die hard Disney Infinity fans.

REVIEW SCORE: 8 out of 10


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