Old Man Logan #34 Review

Old Man Logan #34 kicks off a new story arc, Moon Over Madripoor, which involves an ancient battle taking place between the Hand and the Yashida clan. With Logan and Mario Yashida trying to destroy the Regenix serum.

This issue sets up the love story between the two plus giving us some history flashbacks to tell the origin story, as with most number #1’s of a new arc, they know some new readers will be dropping in (like me).  There are plenty of little side comments about Logan’s age, which add to the relationship between them.

There are plenty of action scenes, usually with Logan going in claw first and walking out injured, but there is also some other fights with junkies and it seems to linger around that side of the story a little too long.

The artwork is solid throughout, though the flashbacks stand out most since these look amazing, with the rest of the comic looking dirty and gritty, which is what’s needed for this story.


For some reason, I just didn’t connect with this story, especially as I was jumping in since it was the start of a new story arc, most of what was happening had little impact because I wasn’t invested in it.  Which is a shame.  If you’ve been into the series for a while, it might be completely different.

REVIEW SCORE:  6 out of 10

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Here is a look at this comic:



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