LEGO Star Wars First Order Tie Fighter Microfighter (75194) Review

LEGO have released a new Star Wars Microfighter series 5 set featuring a First Order Tie Fighter, along with 2 flick missiles and a pilot minifigure.

Here is a look at the packaging:

This is a neat little addition to any ones collection, its got a cool little TIE Fighter minifigure, which could be used on other builds very easily and having an army of Stormtroopers never hurts! I love the helmet, especially the breathing tube coming down from it.   I also think the details on the body are also very cool.

The main build is very simple, but the budget price does reflect that, since its pretty basic, but its lots of fun.  This build comes with some nice unique pieces, such as the red window on the front plus the wing pieces are also very good. I’m not as impressed with the flick missiles, as I think the stud shooter is more effective, but I’m sure kids will love playing with them.

Unlike the Millennium Falcon, which has some smooth pieces underneath to help it slide along a table or floor, this one doesn’t, so its much more about swinging it around in the air and I’m sure kids are going to want a few of these to make up to reenact scenes from the movies.  Plus its so simple to build, it will be great to flip the wings off while in play.

Here is a look at this build:

Here is our video review of this First Order Tie Fighter Microfighter set:


This Star Wars First Order Tie Fighter Microfighter on a whole this is a nice quality small budget set that any child will love, though for adult collectors, they might want to spend a little more on a bigger set.


You can purchase this action figure from, Amazon, Disney Store UK and LEGO.


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