“The Perfect Pillow” Out Now

Disney have released “The Perfect Pillow”, the latest book from Eric Pinder, who is the author of If All the Animals Came Inside and How to Share with a Bear, and other books for children. This book has been Illustrated by Chris Sheban, who has illustrated numerous children’s books, most recently What to Do with a Box by Jane Yolen, Job Wanted by Teresa Bateman, and Immortal Max by Lutricia Clifton.

Here is the official description:

In his strange new room on his big new bed, Brody tosses and turns, holding his stuffed dragon named Horst. His parents can’t help him fall asleep, so he has no choice to go out and search for a better bed. Is it a squirrel’s nest? A cloud? A rowboat on a pond? No, the moon is too bright, and the croaking frogs are too loud, so there’s nothing for it but to go back home and jump into his big new bed, where a friendly dragon makes a perfect pillow.

Young readers will enjoy floating along with Brody and Horst in this friendly nocturnal adventure with all the makings of a bedtime classic.

Here is a look at the cover:

And here are some previews for this book:

You can purchase this book now from Amazon.


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