Walt Disney Showcase #1 Review

Hello Mouseketeers,

Time for a little history lesson, from 1970 to 1980 , Gold Key published a comic book series entitled Walt Disney Showcase which was used to showcase comic book adaptations of the latest productions from the Disney studio or re-publish past adaptations from earlier on such as 101 Dalmatians. The comic also re-ran some Mickey and Donald stories here and there, the longer format served well for its purposes.


But flash forward to today, IDW Publishing has revived the comic to publish longer Mickey, Donald , Scrooge or Goofy stories that normally would not fit in the standard 32 page count. In Europe, comic book stories tend to run from 30 to 60 pages.  Walt Disney Showcase will be the perfect home for these longer stories. Let’s take a look at this new title together.


The Bad-News Bruise Cruise (Topolino #2542, Italy, 2004)

Writer: Rudy Salvagnini Artist : Lara Molinari 

Scrooge has trusted Donald and Fethry with arranging entertainment for his new cruise ship, the Duck Queen. Donald because he is cheap and Fethry for his skills in running a delicatessen ( German for a store that sells foreign prepared goods).

Scrooge then introduces the two to various celebrities that will be boarding to the cruise ship, as Donald saves one of them from texting his way to the bottom of the ocean ( clearly a calculator but they had to do that change to be modernized). Next, they meet the captain Narcolepto ShipShape who happens to fall asleep rather easily, Scrooge then leaves, telling them at the last minute that they are the only crew on board.


The captain tells them in his sleep to go prepare for sail as the two look over at the computers as he soon wakes up and makes them change into more formal clothing , Fethry begins serving drinks and Donald serves sandwiches to the various guests on board of the ship learning a bit about their personalities.

Donald begins to question why they seem to like their services considering they are all filthy rich as Fethry tells him to simply let it be until an emergency happens. The ship begins to sink as the guests seem rather amazed by this.

They soon board the emergency shuttle, but they forget the captain so the two dive into the water back to the sinking ship to rescue the captain. The shuttle makes its way to a deserted island as the passengers begin ordering Donald and Fethry away pretending to continue the cruise but on the island.

Donald gets all the hard work while Fethry gets off easy, coming up with events and games for the passengers to play. How will Donald stay sane throughout all of this, if he ever quits, the passengers would tell Scrooge about his mutiny. Find out by reading the rest of the story in Walt Disney Showcase #1.



Dissin Cousins ( Topolino #3048, Italy, 2014)

Writer: Valentina Camarini Artist: Matteo Testa

In this short story, Donald attempts to get rid of a vase he received from Daisy, Fehtry finds it in the garbage and decides to use it as part of his junk art. Gladstone soon stumbles upon it and takes it for himself. What will he do with it ? Find out by reading Walt Disney Showcase #1




Bad News Bruise Cruise is once again another prefect exemple of how Jonathan Gray perfectly handles translating these Disney comics for an American audience with his quirky puns and quick paced humour. The story overall was pretty good, showing how Donald could snap after being pressured far too much while his cousins tend to get off rather easily. The art is rather unique as the facial expressions tend to steer away from what most Italian Disney artists have drawn in the past.

Walt Disney Showcase #1 is a great start for finding longer stories featuring your favorite Disney characters, this first issue was mainly focused on Donald Duck. From what I heard, each issue will focus on different characters, hopefully we will see some more obscure content like the 1960s Beagle Boys stories, some of the European Basil stories or some movie adaptations down the line. Walt Disney Showcase is prefect for anyone from younger readers to even the most seasoned of Disney fans with a little of everything for everyone.

RATING : 8 out of 10 


You can order this comic now from Comixology



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