Avengers #679 Review

Avengers #679 continues the No Surrender storyline and this issue sees the battle go on hold, allowing the Avengers to regroup and disappear for the majority of it.  While that might sound dull, the whole story goes in a different direction with the majority of this issue dedicated to explaining why the battle is happening and who the pulling the strings.

After a few weeks of us not really understanding the main reason for this storyline, it’s great to finally find out some answers.  It’s also great to see a huge new villain introduced and he looks like he could be a great new foe for the Avengers.

The issue also ends on another great cliffhanger, which is one of the nice things about this being weekly, since we don’t have to wait long.  On a side note, I’m really glad Marvel is doing this as a weekly series, rather than spreading the story across multiple comics, since it’s much easier for people to keep track.  If a comic series needs a chart for readers to keep track, it’s too complicated.

With this being a weekly series, it does mean it’s a hefty monthly investment and this series seems to be deliberately slow and while this issue does a great job in giving us a backstory to the new villain, the issues before this took too long getting to this point.

The artwork continues to impress and I love the look of the Challenger, he has that Thanos vibe, huge and powerful.  Marvel Heroes need big and powerful villains, so this is a welcome addition to the story.


Marvel has been hyping up this series for a long time and it’s been an interesting month so far, with this issue really giving us some meaning and backstory to what is actually going on and it’s made the whole story much more interesting.

REVIEW SCORE:  8 out of 10

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