X-Men Red #1 Review

Following the return of Jean Grey in a five part mini-series, a new series of X-Men comic books has kicked off, with the “Red” team consisting of Wolverine (X-23), Nightcrawler, Namor and being led by Jean Grey.

With a new story arc kicking off, which sees team X-Men Red saving multiple young mutants from angry humans, leading to Jean Grey bringing together some of the greatest minds to combine their brains to get a new idea to help protect mutants.  From here, Jean Grey heads off to see Namor and Black Panther to gain their support when she talks with the UN, which doesn’t go too well, which introduces the main villain of this story arc.

This issue kicks off strong and I love the team they’ve put together, since I’m a big Nightcrawler fan since the 80’s arcade game and I’m intrigued with the addition of the new Wolverine and Namor.  Its a shame there are so many X-Men titles at the moment, but by having them in smaller teams, it does give them more scope to be developed.

After the return of Jean Grey, its a bit odd that they didn’t explain her adjusting to becoming an X-Men again and how she has moved on from the events of the mini-series.

I really like how the main story is about the acceptance of Mutants by humans and continues that core focus of the X-Men and I like how this issue has a pretty fast pace, it moves along quickly, sets the tone, shows them as a team without much explanation, but it works, since its a nice nippy issue.


This is a easy recommendation for this weeks releases, its got lots of action and tells a interesting story, which is core to the X-Men origins.  This is a huge step up from the “Return of the Jean Grey” series and I’m certainly going to add this into my rotation.

REVIEW SCORE:   8 out of 10

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Here is a preview of this issue:


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