Disney Rumored To Be Talking With Activision and Ubisoft About Star Wars Video Games

Following some major issues and backlash for the release of Star Wars Battlefront 2, including rumors that Disney CEO Bob Iger even contacted EA regarding the problem before it’s release and EA announcing the cancellation of its Star Wars single player game that was being created by their Visceral Games studio, it looks like EA won’t be the only company making console based Star Wars games anymore.

According to a rumor from Cinelinx, they are claiming that Lucasfilm and Disney are contacting other gaming companies including Ubisoft and Activision to get create new Star Wars video games.

Currently EA has an exclusive deal with Disney for its console games, which was a 10 year deal and we are about 4 years into it.  However Disney will have ways to get out of the deal, there could be issues from the bad publicity from the release of Battlefront and if EA was able to hit targets set for Battlefront 2, The Old Republic becoming less popular and with a unnamed Star Wars game being cancelled.

It could also be that with video games taking years to create, it would make sense for Disney to start trying to find new partners.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Disney are looking at how their Marvel Games division is working, which works with different companies to create different genre’s of games.


This should all be taken with a large pinch of salt, but I can’t help but think EA have taken a few too many missteps and Star Wars is a too big of a franchise to keep making mistakes with.



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  • Carmine

    This is a bit strange and upsetting! I want Activision to do a STAR WARS Battlefront reboot along with their STAR WARS Battlefront II and a STAR WARS Battlefront III to complete a trilogy!

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