Star Wars ArtFX Captain Phasma (The Last Jedi) Statue Coming Soon

Kotobukiya have announced a Star Wars ArtFX Captain Phasma (The Last Jedi) Statue is coming this September.  This statue is priced at $154.99 and available at retailers like Entertainment Earth. Here are the details:

One of the most visually distinctive troopers from the entire Star Wars saga is getting an upgrade from Kotobukiya, having appeared previously as an ArtFX+ Statue and now joining the elite ranks of the 1/6th scale ArtFX series. Debuting in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens as a leader of First Order Stormtroopers and returning to punish the traitor FN-2187 in The Last Jedi is the sleek and stylish Captain Phasma!

Captain Phasma advances menacingly, ready to crush anyone in the way of the First Order! She stands in a powerful pose, stepping forward with her head down, one hand leading the way in front of her, and the other stretched out behind her holding a wicked spear. The Captain wears her iconic Chromium Stormtrooper armor, replicated here with special metal plating polished to a mirror sheen. Her armor is intricately detailed and features a belt with utility items, panels and decorations, and even a matching silver blaster attached to her right thigh; meanwhile, a long black cape edged in red billows out behind her making her look even more intimidating!

Captain Phasma towers 16 ½ inches (1/6 scale) perpetually striding forward on a beautiful black and red display base.

Here is a look at this Captain Phasma statue:


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