Avengers #680 Review

The sixth issue of the No Surrender story arc sees the heroes fall back and regroup, while trying to work out what is going on, since the heroes don’t know where Planet Earth has been taken, who is done it, why they are fighting and also trying to rescue their friends.

Whereas the previous episode explained a little about the Challenger and Grand Master, it gave us little information on what the heroes were doing while the “games” were on pause, this issue fills the gap, but without giving us any more information.

And that’s one of the big problems with large story arcs, there is always those points where everything slows back down while trying to expand the deeper story and to set the stage for a larger fight.

We do get to see Rogue taking advantage of her powers to seek revenge on Johnny Storm, but the battle seems a little light.  The subplot with Wonder Man, Beast and Wasp trying to save Jarvis might make some more sense once the event is over, but right now it hasn’t moved on at all.

No Surrender is really pushing how long Marvel can push this story arc for, it might be a weekly series which allows readers less time to forget what’s going on, but this feels very drawn out and could have been cut down to a few less issues if they trimmed a little.


This story arc is interesting but the focus on the less known heroes is dragging it down, bringing in the original Wasp seemed a little anticlimax and we have the exact same cliffhanger as last week, which hopefully brings a huge name onto the field to make this story move up a gear.

REVIEW SCORE: 6 out of 10

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Here is a preview of this issue:


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