Darth Vader #11 Review

Issue 11 of the Darth Vader series kicks off a new story, “The Rule of Five”, which sees Darth Vader trying to track down the Jedi, only to run into Bounty Hunters who are trying to claim the big reward that is on Vader’s head.

Its good to see Darth Vader interacting with an the Ninth Sister, who is a Inquisitor, showing a unique issue between them, that nicely ties into the after events of Revenge of the Sith and the Rebels TV show.

There is some other interesting characters introduced, as the Bounty Hunters aren’t portrayed as your typical money grabbing loners, but a loving family who don’t want to hurt anyone unnecessary.

This issue includes two different battles and a chasing scene, that helps keep the action flowing and delivers a solid eventual first issue.

While this issue is primarily used to show Vader is at risk from someone higher up the chain, we continue to see glimmers of Anakin Skywalker, since he keeps showing a human side, rather than just the evil villain we see in the original trilogy.


It’s a good start to a new story and continues to show the inner turmoil within, but this issue feels a little average, since nothing major takes place and Vader never feels under any  danger, which is the hardest thing about this series, we are suppose to be rooting for him but realisticly I just want to see him as a full on evil Vader like we see him in Rogue One.

REVIEW SCORE: 6 out of 10

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Here is a preview of this issue:


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