Pocahontas Tsum Tsum Collection Review

The latest Disney Tsum Tsum release features characters from the animated classic, Pocahontas, which features John Smith, Meeko, Flit, Percy and Pocanontas.

Here is a closer look at these Tsum Tsum:

Here is our video review of this Pocahontas Collection:

This is an interesting choice for a Tsum Tsum collection, while Pocahontas and Meeko stand out as great little plushes, I also think Flit is an interesting plush because of the use of the wings, however John Smith suffers from that similar issue lots of collectibles have with humans, its just a little boring. Percy is an odd one as I don’t think it looks too much like the character, though I do like how they’ve used the shadows to give him a little more character, but overall its a solid set, especially for fans of the movie.

REVIEW SCORE: 7 out of 10

You can purchase these Pocahontas from ShopDisney.com and Disney Store UK


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