Toy Story Woody Pixar Toybox Action Figure Review

Disney Store’s exclusive action figure line, Toybox, which has been based on designs originally created for the Disney Infinity video game, includes many characters from Toy Story, including Woody.

Recently I picked up a couple of the Toybox action figures and instantly fell in love with the collection, since the art style is unique, so I couldn’t help add Woody to my collection.

This action figure comes with a hat plus a “Snake In My Boot” accessory, though I did have some issues with the boot as I couldn’t get the snake to shoot out when I pressed the button.

The figure has tons of different moving parts, which makes it lots of fun to move around, though the hips and upper arms are very thin, so I’m not sure how the figure will hold up to some rough play.

Here is a look at the packaging:

Here is a look at this Woody Toybox figure:

Here is our video review of this Woody figure:


I love these Disney Toybox action figures and this one is no different, its got so many moving parts, which compared to other action figures at this price, is very good value.  While the design is simple, it also has lots of detail to really deliver a top notch toy.  However due to the accessory not working, I feel I had to knock it down a point, though the main Woody figure is fantastic.

REVIEW SCORE:  7 out of 10

You can purchase this Woody action figure from and Disney Store UK


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