Tokyo Disney Resort To Introduce New App For Tickets, Merchandise, Reservations & More

Following the success of the My Disney Experience app in the US, Tokyo Disney Resort will also be rolling out a smartphone app later this year to offer a wide range of options such as buying tickets, fastpasses, book hotel room, make restaurant reservations, and view park maps with estimated wait times for attractions.

The app will also be adding an in-park online shopping option, which will let guests shop during their time at the park, such as while waiting in line, then pick up their purchases when they leave or have them delivered to their Disney hotel rooms.  This will also help reduce large amounts of people shopping at the end of the day, plus it also allows guests to roam the park freely without carrying shopping purchases.

This app will be launch initially in Japanese, with other languages options coming later.

As with any app of this kind, they plan to collect and analyze data on users’ activities within the park for use in developing new services.



Source: Nikkei




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