Marvel Universe Figurine Collection #1 Spider-Man Review

Panini have re-released their Marvel Universe Figurine Collection, which features a magazine and 1:16 scale figurine, which is themed to a particular Marvel hero, with the first issue focusing on Spider-Man. This issue is priced at an introductory rate of £2.99, though the price of each release is £11.99. There will be 60 issues in the series and these are released fortnightly.

Here is a look at the packaging:

The magazine features a generic history of Spider-Man, giving us a little information on the character, the villains and major stories throughout Marvel’s history.  It’s a nice little package and looks very impressive, but it is also a little too generic, that could be read on a Wikipedia page.  But for younger Marvel fans this is a good introduction to the character, but at full price, I don’t think the magazine is the main reason to get into this series.

And here is a look at the Spider-Man figure:

This figure is a excellent small statue, it has lots of details, which is very noticeable on this Spider-Man statue, since the character’s suit has so much detail in the webbing.  I was very impressed with this statue and this introductory issue has done a good job in selling the series on me.

Here is our video review of this issue and Spider-Man figure:


This issue is a great addition to any Marvel fans collection, especially at the discounted rate of £2.99, its bargain.  The Spider-Man figure is well worth picking up for that price as its a great solid figure.

REVIEW SCORE:  8 out of 10

You can purchase this Marvel Figurine Collection from stores in the UK including Asda, Tesco, WhSmiths and local newsagents.


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