Captain America Toy Box Action Figure Review

The Disney Store’s latest Marvel Toy Box action figure release is Captain America, which was based on the Disney Infinity video game design.

This figure comes with a shield accessory, which can be used on either arm and also clipped onto his back, which certainly makes a interesting look.

As with other Toybox action figures, there are plenty of moving parts, with full moveability of the hips, ankle, knee, waist, elbow, shoulder, wrist and neck.  Which really allows for lots of play positions plus it makes it much more interesting for adult collectors, though this figure is certainly much more aimed at children.

Here is a look at the packaging: 

Here is a look at this Captain America Toy Box figure:

While the figure does look similar to the Disney Infinity version, it has been given some upgrades.  Obviously the size is the biggest change, but the core design is very similar to the 3.0 Marvel Battlegrounds figure, except for the use of the helmet, which I prefer.

Here are some comparison images against the Disney Infinity figures:

My only complaint is the use of the shoulder pads, they just look odd once you lift the arms up and restrict some movement in the arms.

The paint work also isn’t 100% with a few little little paint bleeds here and there, though the head seemed to suffer the worst from these.

Here is our video review of this Captain America Toy Box figure:


This Captain America Toybox Action Figure is fantastic, its big and bulky, but also with lots of moving parts.  It’s very hard to compare this action figure to others at a similar price range, since this is far superior.

REVIEW SCORE:  8 out of 10

You can purchase this Captain America Toy Box action figure from, and Disney Store UK


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