LEGO Star Wars Rey Brickeheadz (41602) Review

LEGO’s latest Star Wars BrickHeadz construction character features Rey from Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which includes a decorated torso and belt. This Brickheadz also has a detachable Lightsaber and stands on a buildable collector’s baseplate with BrickHeadz icon,

Here is our video review of this LEGO Star Wars Rey Brickeheadz figure:

Here is a look at the packaging:

Here is a look at this Rey Brickheadz:


It’s never easy making a human look good in a collectible and by striping it back to a bare character, its a much simpler version of the character.    I’ve totally fallen for LEGO’s Brickheadz, I love the stylized look that is similar to a Funko Pop Vinyl but you also get the full enjoyment of building the toy.  Plus if you ever got bored with it on display, you can simply break it down into pieces and create something totally unique.

This Rey Brickheadz has some great parts to it, including the Lightsaber and I also really like how they’ve used a few printed pieces to give her costume that unique Rey look.   I’m really happy with this LEGO set and will be adding lots more of these to my collection in the future.

REVIEW SCORE:  8 out of 10

You can purchase this Rey Brickheadz from and Amazon


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