Fools in the Magic Kingdom: Disney Unhinged (Book One) Out Now

A new book by Michael Hartnett called Fools in the Magic Kingdom: Disney Unhinged (Book One), has been released on digital and print format.

Here is the description:

Disney Undocumented

It’s dangerous these days to be a Dreamer in Walt Disney World. Not an everyday dreamer, but a Dreamer with a capital “D”. The kind certain Americans don’t want in Disney World—or even in the country. When dreams meet hate, the magic turns to madness.

On this April Fool’s Day, there’s a collision coming in the Magic Kingdom, and it’s anything but a joke.

Because this day, busloads of “real” Dreamers, the kind looking not for pixie dust but for citizenship, have decided to spend the day in the Magic Kingdom, all wearing their green t-shirts, while clots of “real” Americans, as they call themselves, slink through the park, armed and dangerous, and prepared to take back *their* park, by whatever means necessary.

Can a few unlikely heroes prevent a bloodbath in the Magic Kingdom?

Disney fiction for adults.


Here is a look at the cover:

You can purchase this book now from Amazon



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