LEGO Star Wars Captain Phasma Brickheadz (41486) Review

Recently I picked up the Captain Phasma LEGO BrickHeadz construction character based on her design from Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie. This set includes her Stormtrooper armor, helmet and a buildable cape. She also has a detachable blaster pistol and stands on a buildable collector’s baseplate with BrickHeadz icon.

Here is a look at the packaging:

This Captain Phasma Brickheadz is based on her design from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which is why it was presented in the Force Awakens box, though it was released just before the Last Jedi was released for some reason.

If your after a collectible that you have to spend time building, rather than just looking through a box like a Funko Pop Vinyl or Mighty Mugg, this is a great budget build.

Here is a look at this Captain Phasma Brickheadz:  This was a fun set to build, while there is probably way too much grey (which makes sense), it wasn’t too difficult to build or take too long.   Some of the key things I love about this set include the little bit of red on her cape and the detail on her chest.

This is a figure that only really looks impressive from the front, as when taking photos of the back, I realised just how dull it looks, but thankfully most people won’t be displaying this Brickheadz that way.

I can’t wait until LEGO bring out some Stormtrooper version of this figure, which shouldn’t be too difficult for them, since it just needs a white version of the head and Finn’s body from his Brickheadz.

Here is our video review of this LEGO Set:


This Captain Phasma Brickheadz is a great little collectible item that is well worth picking up for Star Wars fans, I’m hooked on these and love the style, especially at the price point, which makes it very good value.

REVIEW SCORE: 8 out of 10

You can purchase this LEGO Captain Phasma Brickheadz from and Amazon


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