Pop! Review: Flocked Rajah (BAM Exclusive)

For today’s Pop! review, I am taking a look at the Books-A-Million exclusive Flocked Rajah Pop! Vinyl from the Disney’s Aladdin line. This was recently released with the second series of Pop! Vinyls based on the movie, which also includes Aladdin, Abu, Jasmine in her red dress, and Jafar as a genie. Let’s take a closer look.

As far as choices for a flocked (or fuzzy) variant of a character, Rajah makes an excellent choice. Unfortunately, because the white parts of him are not flocked, but rather painted on over orange flock… there are some pretty big issues with the paint job. now, I try to give small imperfections and such leeway, mainly because these are toys and not high end collectibles. However, overspray on the chest and around the right eye are pretty big and noticeable issues. Heck, it looks like his eye is infected.


While imperfections with paint issues with flocked Pop! Vinyls are hit and miss, this one has caused me to NOT order flocked online again. Since I do not have a Books-A-Million store near me, I got this online. Not happy with it. Can I send it back? Probably. Worth the hassle? Not really…. more of a lesson learned.

If you got this flocked vinyl, did you notice and paint issues, since both the black and the white sections are painted on? I would love to hear how your Pop! turned out. 


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