Avengers #683 – No Surrender Review

We are now past the half way point of the Avengers event, No Surrender, the world is still lost, as the game between the Challenger and Grandmaster continues.  But in this issue, we discover that all is not as it seems with one of the original Avengers.

This is easily one of my favourite books from this story arc, it’s actually got a major twist (even though I had predicted it on a recent podcast episode).  As a major pro-wrestling fan,   I would refer to it as heel turn, when a good character turns bad, sometimes you see it coming but the anticipation is just as exciting.

Having Beast shrink down like Wasp/Ant-Man was a nice touch and him discovering the truth about the Voyager, while trying to rescue the Avengers butler, Jarvis.  And its one heck of a scene.

Taking months to build to this moment has made it more special, its a shame they haven’t done more in building Voyager up as the main hero, but that will no doubt be addressed in upcoming issues.

One of my biggest complaints about the “No Surrender” storyline is how many characters are involved and how the villains are so badly positioned, making it difficult to work out what’s going on.  Thankfully this issue seems to focus on less characters, making it a much more enjoyable read.  However introducing ghosts into the over-padded story seems unnecessary and just adds more “generic” villains for the heroes to face.


Avengers 683 is without doubt the best issue in the series and has been one of the most enjoyable comics I read for ages.

REVIEW SCORE: 9 out of 10

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Here is a preview of this issue:




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