Groot & Rocket Avengers: Infinity War Action Figure Set Review

Hasbro’s new Avengers: Infinity War action figure line includes a twin pack featuring the Guardians of the Galaxy members, Rocket and Groot. This set also comes with an Infinity Stone and a blaster accessory.

Here is a look at the packaging:

While this twin pack is only a little bit more expensive than the other figures in this wave, this pack will no doubt be very popular, since your getting two figures for the price of one.

Here is a look at this Groot action figure: 

This version of Groot is him in “Teenager” mode, so he is a little more lanky and has a moody face.  Groot features lots of detail across the whole body, I love all the moss across the arm and body.  This figure does feel a little “thin”, especially compared to other figures from this wave, which are much more bulky.  As the hands feel a little weak since they are very flimsily.

Here is a look at this Rocket action figure:

The Rocket Raccoon figure is probably the weakest from this wave, but I almost look at it like a bonus accessory.  There isn’t much movement compared to the others, though the tail, head and arms do move, they aren’t as pose-able.  It also comes with a odd machine gun accessory that Rocket can’t actually hold properly.  There are plenty of detail on his chest, but the head looks like it could have come off any random raccoon toy.

Here is a look at both figures:

Here is my video review of this Groot & Rocket figure set:


To get two figures for this price, is incredibly good value and both figures are going to be fun for children to play with, however it isn’t a good choice for adult collectors since the detail on Rocket is a little disappointing, but Groot is a standout figure from this wave.  A easy recommendation for younger Marvel fans.

REVIEW SCORE:  8 out of 10

You can purchase this Infinity War Groot & Rocket action figure set from, Disney Store UK and Entertainment Earth.


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