Duck Tales #6 Review

The 2017 Beagle Boys make their IDW comic debut in this issue, let’s see how it goes.



Writer Joey Cavalieri          Artist Gianfranco Florio

Our adventure begins with Scrooge and the gang landing on a volcanic island on the search for another treasure, this time with a map Scrooge stole. All seems to be good until Launchpad reaches for a mountain to climb over it as it suddenly shreds like paper. Huey  does point out that the island is even mis-spelled on the map.

Trouble soon walks in as the Beagle Boys revealed that they set up this elusive trap along with their brother Broadway Beagle as they lured Scrooge out so that they could receive the deed to the entire town of Duckburg in exchange for their plane which has suddenly vanished.

Scrooge and the gang looks around for a way to escape as suddenly they find a real cavern containing their hide-out full of colouring books and one book of great importance : Beagle Boy Official Guide Book. Webby and the gang soon learn about a rule that lets prisoners play a game called Beagle Ball and if they win, they can be set free.

The Beagles agree to this and soon the game is on

Who will win this game ? Will the Beagle Boys result to cheating their win to victory as they almost usually do ? Find out by picking up a copy of Duck Tales #6



Writer Joe Caramagna     Artist Graziano Barbaro,Marco Ghiglione, & Michela Frare

Louie sits on his bed in the dark as Scrooge overhears his sobbing. He wonder what is wrong as Louie informs him that Donald started a new job at Duckburg Airlines and can’t make it to the annual Junior Woodchuck Father And Son Camping Trip. Scrooge said it’s a good thing since he couldn’t navigate his way out of a mall and begrudgingly gets roped into going.

They soon head to the meeting where Launchpad is the camp councelor where already Scrooge gets into trouble for not wearing a Junior Woodchuck uniform and insists on staying in his traditional red jacket. Scrooge soon uses his years of skill to easily complete each task to the dismay of Louie.

Soon Louie begins reciting the name of a butterfly that has been spotted as Scrooge begins bragging about the Giant Butterfly of Duckburg living within these woods and decides to hijack the expedition to go in search of the butterfly much to the dismay of Launchpad and Louie.

What sort of danger will Scrooge bring to the inexperienced Junior Woodchucks ?



Duck Tales #6 takes a break from supernatural hijinks to bring more traditional adventures that would easily been episodes from the original 1987 animated series. It’s nice to see the Beagle Boys make it into the pages of the comic since they have quickly become one of my favorite parts of the new animated show. The writing is on top notch even adding Scrooge’s Scottish tongue at times.

The second story is also a delight since Launchpad is back to his role as a Woodchuck leader, an aspect explored in the original show lightly and it shows Launchpad not being a idiotic moron showing anger towards Scrooge for breaking Junior Woodchuck rules.

RATING 7 out of 10







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