Avengers #684 Review

Issue 684 of the Avengers is the tenth part of the “No Surrender” story arc and things certainly have improved over the past few months, the big epic battles where I couldn’t work out who was fighting who seem like a thing of the past as we start getting down to the real story with the backstory of Voyager.

Voyager has been an interesting character that was introduced into this series and I’ve been a little disappointed with the early issues, but the last couple of issues have really started to heat the story up and I can’t wait to read next weeks episode, which is the benefit of a weekly series.   Especially with a fun cliffhanger that at least isn’t Hulk emerging from a cave!

One thing I thought was an interesting addition, was the backstory into how Bruce Banner keeps being brought back from the dead, as the Hulk is now the “Immortal Hulk” and he is full of rage, heading for a showdown with the leftover Avengers!    It’s a great way of bringing fans up to date on what’s going on with Bruce Banner and also helps set up their new Hulk comic book starting in June.

With so many villains involved in this series so far, the addition of the Hulk actually feels like a legitimate threat, which I felt the Lethal Legion and Black Order didn’t offer.


Another great issue from this story arc and all the build up to this series is starting to pay off as the newest character, Voyager, is coming into her own and the addition of the Hulk is a great move, since it delivers a much more simpler focus.

REVIEW SCORE:  8 out of 10

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Here is a look at this issue:


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