Duck Tales #7 Review

Left alone in the McDuck mansion, the kids face their most difficult challenge yet: fooling a risk assessor from an insurance company! And to teach Louie a lesson about hard work, Scrooge shows him his latest investment: a Ghost Town!

There is No Place Like a Ghost Town!

Writer Joe Caramagna             Artist Luca Usai

Scrooge spots Louie lounging around at the poolside , upset that he has been lounging around all day instead of taking initiative and pretending to be busy to go to McDuck Enterprises. Louie says that he has been working on his online business selling various knick-knacks as Scrooge insists that a business is something you build with your own hands as he takes him out to the desert.

Scrooge gives Louie a tour of the ghost town telling him what he envisions with the town, mainly a shopping mall and hotel as he pin-points where he will place each and every building. While lurking in the sheriff’s office, Scrooge finds out about a supposed gold stash somewhere in town. The two dig throughout town as Louie sneaks off for a glass of root beer at the nearby saloon as suddenly a skull begins talking to him

How will the two get out of this supposed haunted city ? Find out by picking up Duck Tales #7

The Stone of Truth!

Writer Joe Caramagna    Artist Antonello Dalena, Andrea Greppi, Gianfranco Florio, & Michela Frare

The boys and Webby are playing throughout the mansion while Scrooge and Launchpad are away as the doorbell rings. It’s an accountant from Fowl Play Insurance wanting to see what a typical day at McDuck Manor is like for insurance reasons as they see Scrooge’s lifestyle as being reckless and dangerous.

The accountant looks at the various paintings around the house showing all the dangerous antics Scrooge did to get his riches as he begins taking notes. Webby soon shows him around the halls where she keeps her eye off of him for a second as he discovers a small chest.

It contains the Stone of Thruth as he slips it in Webby’s collar as he begins questioning about where he truly is and where his treasures are. During the tour, the accountant accidentally drops a relic containing a ghost snake that will execute anyone who lies.

How will they get out of this situation ?



For those who felt last issue was a little lacking due to the lack of supernatural elements, this issue is for you , containing two stories containing spectral and ghouls. The second story does remind me of Star vs The Forces of Evil’s  Box of Thruth with the element of having to tell the truth or facing the consequences. This was a solid issue, worth a purchase if you love a bit of excitement to your Disney stories

RATING 8 out of 10



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