Review: Rocket & Yoda Mighty Muggs (Hasbro)

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day everyone!


For today’s review, I take a look at a trash panda and a leprechaun in Mighty Muggs form….

Oh… wait…. no, it’s Rocket Raccoon and Yoda!


Recently, Hasbro relaunched the Mighty Muggs line. This time, however, the vinyl figures are smaller in scale and feature a three-expression facial system, which changes when you press down on their heads. Rocket Raccoon and Yoda are part of Series 2 of each of their respective lines waves (Marvel & Star Wars), which have recently been released to retailers nationwide, including our friends over at Entertainment Earth. Back during the Media Fan Event at Toy Fair, I was given these to review by the awesome team from Hasbro. Let’s take a closer look at these two little guys.

With Rocket, though I love the expressions, I feel that on my piece the paint applications on the face were just a tad skewed to the right as you face the figure. It is especially noticeable in the grinning face on the left. I would also have liked to have seen an accessory with him, such as one of his blasters that he loves so much.

I love the expressions for Yoda, and he is a fun character. It’s great that he came with an accessory, this being his popular green lightsaber. However, seeing as he is seen with his trusty cane more, I think that would have been a better accessory. Still, it’s a fun piece.

As with each of the new Mighty Muggs, we see that the head piece is a full sculpt all around, so as to cover the other two facial expressions. This gives Hasbro the chance to do more sculpting for the head of the figure. Hasbro also gave them a larger head to body ratio, ala Funko Pop! Vinyls… most assuredly because of their popularity. For comparison purposes, here is what a previous incarnation of a Mighty Muggs Series 1 Yoda looked like, with the smoother style head along with attached ears and a larger body.

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Overall, I like the new creativity and design behidn the relaunched Mighty Muggs line, and I think they will continue to be popular with adult collectors and children alike, especially with their interactive facial feature. Rocket and Yoda have already found a spot decorating a shelf in my new apartment, and who knows… they might get company in the future (Thanos, I got my eye on you).

If you want to add a Mighty Muggs or two to your collection, don’t forget to check out Entertainment Earth. I cannot recommend them enough. And special thanks again to Hasbro for sending these home with me to review.


Have a great day everyone!


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