Disney Store Europe Announce Changes To The Mickey Mouse Memories Collection

This weekend saw the release of the latest Mickey Mouse Memories collection was released online and at Disney Stores, which saw the plush selling out instantly and saw huge queues at Disney Stores including some pushing and shoving between customers.

Resulting in many complaints to Disney, which has resulted in the European Disney Store announcing some changes including reducing the limit to one per person and increasing quantities for future releases.

Here are the details:

Thanks to everyone who’s been in touch about the Mickey Mouse Memories Collection release over the past couple of days. Guest feedback is really important to us, and your thoughts are vital in helping us to improve our Guest experience. Following your feedback, and to make April’s release as fair as possible, we’ll be introducing a new purchase limit of 1 per Guest in Store, and 1 per Guest/2 per household Online. These limits will be in place for the first 48 hours of release. In Stores, there will be a ticketing system in place as we’ve used for certain product releases in the past, and from July onwards, there will be a larger amount of plush available in Stores and Online.

We’re really sorry to those Guests who weren’t able to add the March plush to their collection. This sold out within minutes, and sold out even quicker than the February release. Limits were put in place to make the release as fair as possible, and any Guests who ordered more than this online had any further orders cancelled. Our systems don’t reserve any items until your order is placed, and your order isn’t complete until your product has been shipped.

We know a lot of Guests were trying to check out with the collection when it was released, however some Guests managed to complete their checkout before others. If you haven’t already, you could try creating an account with your details to make checking out a bit quicker. All of your comments about this have been passed to our Online team, as we want to provide the best checkout process possible.

Some of you have spotted the next Mickey’s Memories plush showing on reselling sites already, these have been made available as a ‘chance’ listing, and they won’t be available for purchase until approximately 8am on April 18th. We really hope as many Guests as possible can continue adding to their Mickey Mouse Memories Collection, and thank you for your understanding.

My Take:

This news is good news for upcoming releases, but it won’t fix the problem for the next few months since the April, May and June Plushes have already been made. It might help slow down the purchases but once “flippers” learned there was money to be made, it only gets worse until these are easy to get and a profit can’t be made.  Disney underestimated the demand for these Plushes and should have made some of these changes after the January release.


What do you think of this news from Disney Store in Europe?


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  • Seanj

    To tell you the truth I am disheartened by the popularity of this series. I thought that the prices were too high to begin with and was hoping people wouldn’t bother buying them. To complete the whole collection throughout the year you would need to drop like $1000. In my area the products took a couple days to sell out but I guess it isn’t the same everywhere.

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