New “Limited Edition” Tokyo Disney Resort 35th Anniversary Coming Soon

Disney have announced some new “Tokyo Disney Resort 35th Anniversary” Happiest Celebration! limited edition merchandise including a pure gold coin worth over $33,000.

One of the cool items is a Mickey figure wearing a special costume of 35th anniversary, that is priced at ¥ 50,000 (around $475) and is limited to just 350 pieces.

There is also a Tokyo Disney Resort 35th Anniversary Platinum Diamond Necklace, which is priced at ¥ 350,000 (around $3311) and is limited to just 35 pieces.  It has 0.35 carat diamonds on it.

Another new item is the Tokyo Disney Resort 35th Anniversary Sterling silver medal set, which is priced at ¥ 60,000 (around $560) and limited to 350 pieces.

And finally, there is a new Tokyo Disney Resort 35th anniversary commemorative gold medal, which is priced at ¥ 3,500,000 (around $33,000!) and is limited to just 5 pieces.  Which is made from 222 grams of pure gold.  

All of these limited items will be available from lotteries from Tuesday, April 10th. During the period from March 21st to May 7th, the real thing is being exhibited at both Tokyo Emporium in Tokyo Disney Land and Emporio in Tokyo DisneySea.


What do you think of these high end items?



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