Jessica Jones Season 2 Soundtrack Review

With the second season of Marvel’s live action series, Jessica Jones, hitting Netflix, a new album has been released digitally on platforms like Amazon, iTunes and Spotify.

The album contains 20 tracks, which includes the main theme song and a “I want your Cray Cray”.    The main theme song is easily my favourite from the soundtrack, even though I usually just hit “skip intro” button whenever I’m watching the show on Netflix.  One of the things I like most about the main theme is the addition of a guitar, though it’s odd that the song repeats itself.

“I want your Cray Cray” is so bad, it’s fun, since we hear Trish singing a song from her past as Patsy Walker, it’s the one stand out moment from the series in terms of music, though I’m not sure how many times you’d want to listen to it.

This album sounds like it’s come from a late night smooth Jazz club, filled with smoke and people drinking.   The majority of these songs are very simple and blend into one another.  It’s very low key and fits the style of the show perfectly.   I found it to be a little slow and would be good to listen to before bed to relax, which isn’t usually what I’d expect from a superhero soundtrack.

It’s soundtrack is very similar to the sounds of early detective movies and TV shows, which again fits the Jessica Jones show.  I didn’t find any track I disliked but nothing stood out as they all blend into each other.


A soft, slow and smooth Jazz album that represents Jessica Jones, it’s relaxing and I love the main theme, but there isn’t much there that I would listen to over and over again.  There isn’t anything wrong with this album, but I found it to just be a tad average.

REVIEW SCORE: 6 out of 10

You can order this album now from Amazon


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