Fox Delay X-Men: Dark Phoenix & The New Mutants Movies

21st Century Fox announced today that they are pushing back the release dates for their two Marvel movies, The New Mutants and X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

The New Mutants has now been pushed back to the August 2nd 2019, which means its now been delayed over a year from its initial release date of April 2018.

While X-Men: Dark Phoenix has been moved back from November 2nd 2018 until February 14th 2019.    Which means its going to be very close to the release of Captain Marvel, which is coming in March 2019.

There could be many reasons for delaying these movies, such as reshoots, however it could also be due to the Disney purchase or simply because they feel these movies aren’t ready for release.

While Fox Marvel movies don’t have any officially related merchandise released to tie in with the movies, Marvel do often release “comic book” versions of the characters involved, such as the new action figures based on Deadpool and Venom by Hasbro.   So it’s unclear if these delays might effect some potential “X-Men” merchandise releases.

Why do you think these movies have been delayed.


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