Avengers #686 Review

As the entire “No Surrender” story comes close to the end, Avengers #686 sees the game change in a big way as the Hulk makes a major impact and I was really surprised with the cliffhanger.

This issue was a pleasure to read, with the focus on just a few major characters and with a simple plot, it works perfectly.  This series continues to improve and feels much more enjoyable than the first few issues.

Having the Hulk double crossing the Challenger was a great moment and it was also interesting to see the Voyager do a babyface turn and side with the Avengers against her father and the game, which I wasn’t expecting, I was expecting her to become a much bigger villain, though I think this is a good way of introducing a new original female hero.

Once again the artwork shines, especially how they present the Hulk, who dominates every panel he is in.  I also like how the Hulk shows much more intelligence, making him even more terrifying.

The weekly series continues to work for this series, though after reading the Mighty Thor last week, it was a little jarring to see her in this issue.


This issue had a couple of major surprises and some big fight scenes, I was really impressed, making it one of my favourite issues from the run.

REVIEW SCORE: 9 out of 10

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Here is a preview of this issue:





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