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Disney’s Easter Parade from 25 Years Ago Remains Enchanting

If you’d like to bring some Disney magic to Easter, check out the 1993 Walt Disney World Happy Easter Parade. Aired 25 years ago, the hour-long program has found its way onto YouTube. Warning: this video may cause intense longing for the Walt Disney World specials of decades gone by.

Ducks in 1928 roadsters and barnstorming baseball players, mad tea parties and Roger Rabbit. An entire Aladdin contingent at Disney-MGM Studios. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Main Street U.S.A. with April O’Neil driving in behind. Rollerbladers skating through section of World Showcase and Future World. Mrs. Potts, cloggers, Liverlips, Flounder… as co-host Regis Philbin says at one point, there’s “a little bit of everything in the parade today.”

Do you remember Major Mike? As soon as you see his canary yellow conductor’s outfit, you likely will.

Joey Lawrence rides Gang Plank Falls at Typhoon Lagoon, and Home Improvement‘s Terrence Smith takes on Splash Mountain. Mary-Kate Olsen and Jodie Sweetin show behind the scenes footage from Full House episode “The House Meets the Mouse”, filmed on location in the parks.

Instead of the endless pop performances that have dominated the Disney Parks Magical Christmas Celebration in recent years, the show concludes with a grand Broadway-style production on the Streets of America.


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