Review: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Pin Mate Collection

Last month, I took a look at the Black Panther Pin Mate Collection from out friends over at Bif Bang Pow!/ Entertainment Earth. Today, I take a look at the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Pin Mate Collection. The collection consists of two 5pk of Pin Mates, as well as a Pin Mate vehicle.

Special thanks to Entertainment Earth for sending these over for me to take a look at. Let’s check them out.


Pin Mate 5pks

The first of the two 5pks consist of an unmasked Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Groot, and Rocket. Groot is a mini size, with the other four being a regular size. It is a regular retail release.


The second of the two 5pks. was a San Diego Comic Con 2017 Exclusive set, and features Ego, Mantis, Nebula, Ayesha, and Taserface.


The Pin Mate Milano set features the Milano vehicle along with set exclusive Masked Star-Lord and Yondu.

The Milano has room for six Pin Mates to “ride” in it.

Overall, though the paint jobs on these aren’t perfect (similar to the Black Panther Pin Mates), they are still a  fun collection and a cute collectible for the shelf. And even though these are considered “adult collectibles” (with a age rating of 14+), I personally could see these being very popular with children.


Want to add these Pin Mates to your Marvel or Guardians collection? Head over to Entertainment Earth to order them now!

Special thanks again to the team from Entertainment Earth for sending these over for me to review, and keep your eyes out for some of these guys making their way down to Walt Disney World with me in a couple of weeks for a photo shoot.




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